Beavertail Trailers

The Beavertail Trailer offers the flexibility of a low loading angle due to the sloping rear bed. It is the ultimate trailer for loading plant and machinery. It is the ideal choice of trailer for groundworkers, landscape gardeners, plant hire companies, those in the forestry industry and others alike.

At Cheshire Trailers we offer the whole range of Nugent Beavertails. Modelled on the design and construction of a Nugent Flatbed trailer, Nugent Beavertail trailers are designed for transporting vehicles. They maintain all the strength and durability of a Nugent Flatbed. The Beavertail trailer comes fully galvanised as standard together with headboard in 14ft, 16ft and 18ft sizes. They are also designed and constructed to take all the optional extras of a Flatbed.

Nugent’s patented Dual Drive™ suspension is standard across the range, enhancing the towing experience, bringing trailer suspension to new levels.

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