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It’s been great to see such a huge number of vehicles and machinery through the doors this last month since Boris has announced the easing of lockdown. Summer brings more time out on the water and because of this we’ve seen an increasing amount of boat trailers.

One in particular arrived to us with a snapped axle, something which is vital for loading and unloading out of the water, and transporting boats on the road. In order to remedy it, we built our own axle frame, using knot suspension units. We also found the correct wheel hub for the existing wheel to keep the cost down at the request of the customer.

Something we do here at Cheshire Trailers is build our own parts due to our expertise in fabrications, this can be anything for axles to suspensions systems. If you need anything replacing on your trailer don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can make individual parts from scratch to suit all of the specific and unique features of your trailer.

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