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This month has seen a high peak twin axle trailer in the workshop. This type of trailer is used for general purpose, it has a rear loading ramp also which allows for easy access and transportation of trailer contents.

The trailer has received two new hubs as these had been badly damaged and required full replacement. Damaged hubs also mean the brake don’t fully operate therefore meaning the trailer isn’t able to work. Whilst damaged hubs are not a common problem they can’t be left as they will shatter over time. The brakes on this trailer had also lost their linings/shoes, which is a common problem due to age and use. So, alongside two new hubs the trailer has also received two new back plates, shoes and cables.

Please make sure you find yourselves checking your trailers and monitoring their age and use over time. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01565 656 794 and we’ll happily help!

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