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Trailer safety is a big one as winter fast approaches, especially given the level of rainfall and freezing temperatures we have been receiving lately. There a few important things to consider when using trailers after a change in season. It’s very easy for trailers to get dragged around a field through poor terrain, especially with varying loads weighted on them. Check your axles aren’t getting damaged and that they’re working safely and sufficiently. Not only this, but the poorer road conditions mean the brakes need to be in top working order. Brake pads can become easily worn especially with the pressure of ever-changing road surfaces. Tyres can also become easily worn making them unable to perform at their best and therefore unsafe to be on the road. Check those tyre treads and look for obvious signs of wear and tear. With the summer behind us and darker mornings and nights now set in it’s easy to forget to check those all-important lights are in full working order. Debris from the roads and field can easily dirty the lights too. Test your lights and make sure they’re fully working and clearly visible to all other road users. We offer a full 30-point service, along with repairs and replacements of parts, no job is too big or too small. We can also carry out simple tests to make sure your trailers are both safe on the roads but also working efficiently to meet your needs. Safety is absolutely paramount so we urge you to check your trailer and book it in with our expert mechanic, George!


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