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Whilst a regular trailer service carried out by trained mechanics is always a sensible idea, there are plenty of things you can do to maintain your trailer so that it lasts longer, tows more reliably and efficiently, remains safe. Inevitably, this may include jacking up a trailer so it’s vital to do this safely.

  • Regular servicing of your trailer by trained mechanics is recommended.
  • Trailer owners can still perform routine trailer checks and maintenance.
  • Maintenance will lengthen a trailer’s life and reliability, its towing efficiency, and safety.
  • Knowing how to jack up a trailer properly is vital.

Before you carry out many inspection and maintenance activities, you must jack up the trailer so here’s a handy guide to safe jacking. Be aware that the trailer is a serious crushing hazard and take all steps to ensure that the trailer cannot be moved by someone else while you are working underneath it.

  • Park on level ground.
  • Make sure that the towing vehicle is off, the keys have been removed, and the brakes are on.
  • Locate the recommended jacking points. If you can’t find them, use the outer frame rail.
  • Never use the axle as a jacking point.
  • Do not place the jack near brakes, wiring, or parts of the suspension.
  • Do not crawl under the trailer unless you are absolutely sure that it is on properly placed and secure jacks.
  • Block the wheel on the opposite side to the one you’ve jacked up and are working on.
  • Before removing a wheel, loosen wheel nuts before the wheel is off the ground.

Before you jack up a trailer, always check that the jack itself is functioning properly, is stable, is adequately greased for smooth efficient use, and is not broken or worn.

At Cheshire Trailers, our 30-point services and inspections are carried out by our fully trained NTTA mechanics in our purpose-built workshop. We can service and repair any make or model of trailer, we also stock tyres to fit all types and sizes of trailers.