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We always get a wide variety of machinery and trailers through the workshop doors and this August has proven just that. This month we have seen a flurry of power hand tools and small machinery in for servicing and repairs. The time of year lends itself for multi-use of these tools due to garden and general outdoor maintenance. A regular customer of ours recently brought his mower to us along with his leaf blower, multi -tool, commercial strimmer and cement mixer…. Yes, it was a busy few days I hear you say. Much of this work was 6 monthly servicing, something we recommend for heavy use for those perhaps in the outdoor profession and using these items multiple times daily. For those using such items on a lighter, more regular basis we suggest seasonal servicing. This allows us to check them over, repair and tweak any issues therefore allowing the most efficient use and effective results from your power tools and machinery. For those who are keen to garden and are naturally green fingered the servicing of tools really helps give your outdoor space a more professional looking finish. Small machinery often requires slightly different repair work. For instance, the recent cement mixer we had in required engine work and some specific welding repairs, something in which George, our head mechanic and welder, is highly skilled at doing.

If you’ve worked your power hand tools and machinery hard this spring and summer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and book your equipment in ahead of the cooler months!


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