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The clocks have gone back, and the temperature is dropping which means that winter is getting ever closer.

However, if you need to use a trailer throughout winter, it’s a good idea to prepare it thoroughly – maximising safety when driving in cold, icy bad weather, and minimising the chances of breaking down.

The first two tips are relevant all year round but particularly in winter.

  • Check your tyres for any splits or cracks and replace them if necessary. Worn tyres mean poor grip and you need the best road holding you can get in icy conditions. If they are near the minimum tread depth, it’s probably worth replacing them sooner rather than later.
  • Check all your electrical connections, especially for the lights. Winter days are short and dark, even before fog, rain, sleet, and snow add to the hazards of poor visibility.
  • Keep your battery charged as necessary, and at the very least check it regularly as it will discharge more quickly in colder weather.
  • Even though it’s the last thing you’ll probably feel like doing, give your trailer a clean after using it so that the lights and reflectors provide maximum visibility on the next trip. If possible, store it under cover where you can. Even a tarpaulin can help protect it.
  • Finally, get your trailer professionally serviced so that any faults can be spotted and repaired.

A professional service, inspection, and maintenance mean peace of mind in the knowledge that your trailer is safe, roadworthy, and ready to face the winter.