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A recent article published by The Horse and Hound has reported how the government have announced they will be carrying out more roadside horse trailer checks from 2020.

The main aim of this is to make the roads a safer place with the safety of horses, other animals and other road users being absolutely paramount. Whilst at present there is no Trailer MOT law, all trailer users and owners need to ensure they are regularly checking their trailers and getting them serviced.

All too often trailers are the root cause of many road accidents. Often horses have fallen through the floor, brake lights have failed or axles are not functioning as they should be. Here at Cheshire Trailer Repairs we offer a full 30 point service check which will allow you to determine how roadworthy and safe your trailer really is. We urge you to get your trailer serviced imminently, don’t just wait for 2020 when these checks will be on the rise, lets keep the roads a safer place for all users!

Please get in touch to book in your 30 point service check as soon as possible, it’s never too late!

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