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Generally, if you look after something it’s likely to last longer and remain in better condition than if you don’t and this is certainly the case with trailers.

It’s likely that a trailer will be stored away during winter, and proper preparation will help to minimise any problems for when it’s time to re-introduce it on to the roads in spring.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a checklist of winter storage tips. Not all of the tips will be appropriate for every type of trailer, but taking appropriate action should help your trailer get through the winter in the best possible condition.

  • Thoroughly wash the exterior to remove accumulated dirt, grime, salt, and anything else that could have an effect on the body or paintwork. Take the opportunity to make sure any windows are fully secure and crack-free.
  • Clean the inside thoroughly. Make sure that any food or rubbish is removed because avoidable mould and unpleasant odours will not be welcome come spring.
  • If the trailer has a water system, thoroughly drain it throughout to prevent pipes from freezing or a buildup of bacteria and leave any taps open.
  • If you’re going to use the trailer over winter, the tyres shouldn’t get pressure damage or flat spots from remaining in the same position. If not, it’s worth raising the trailer onto blocks or jacking it up to try and prevent an unnecessary springtime expense.
  • Disconnect the battery if the trailer has one and periodically charge it to stop it running flat.
  • Block routes into the trailer’s to prevent small furry friends from deciding it’s the perfect place to settle and chew their way through anything they fancy at considerable expense to you. However, try and keep the interior as open as possible to allow for a flow of air throughout.
  • Although it’s an extra investment, it might be worth getting a cover, even if the trailer is to be stored inside. If it’s to be stored outside then a cover will add a layer of protection for UV rays, wet and cold weather, tree sap, and animal droppings, all of which can affect the paintwork.
  • If you have a horsebox, remember to top up the antifreeze.
  • Try to store the trailer on a solid surface so that you can more easily clear any accumulated snow and minimise the chances of it sinking into soft ground and getting stuck.
  • In terms of security, if you don’t have an alarm system for your trailer, even a simple wheel, steering wheel, or clutch lock provides a visible deterrent.
  • Finally, if you can, try and take your trailer for a quick spin every few weeks to keep everything moving.

If you haven’t had your trailer serviced before winter, it’s well worth booking it before the spring rush. Our 30-point services and inspections are carried out by our fully trained NTTA mechanics in our purpose-built workshop. We can service and repair any make or model.