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A common reason for trailer accidents is that of a substandard trailer floor. It is often reported that horses or other animals alike fall through the undetected deteriorating floors whilst the trailer is in transit, causing both distress and potential harm to the animals, driver and other road uses. Naturally the weight of the trailer load overtime eventually causes these floors to give way and collapse. It is therefore vital that trailer owners regularly check their floors for any signs of deterioration. The main signs to look out for are the boards going soft, peeling or lifting. It also vital that the trailer floor is initially built from strong and durable materials suited to the purpose of the trailer. Here at CTR we recommend an 18mm Wisa plywood board or equivalent for general use. To try and prolong the life of your trailer floor it is important to keep it clean but don’t over jet wash it, don’t overload the trailer and of course check it regularly.

Here at CTR we advise an annual service to ensure that your trailer is working efficiently whilst remaining road safe. If you are unsure if your trailer is working to its maximum capacity or perhaps you are unsure if there is a problem please don’t hesitate to give us a call or bring your trailer down to our workshop and we’ll be happy to help.

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