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Over the last month we have had an increasing number of trailers in the workshop that have presented themselves with a variety of tyre issues and therefore have had to have them replaced. Tyres are arguably the primary safety feature on all vehicles and trailers, with that in mind it is of the upmost importance that you purchase brand new tyres for your vehicle or trailer. Many people buy part worn tyres as they believe it to be better value for money. Tyre Safe, a registered charity promoting the importance of tyre safety for UK motorists, have recently carried out their own research and found that 98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally. If you do choose to buy part worn tyres it is crucial that you calculate the price per mm of useable tyre and compare it that of a new tyre, you may be surprised to find out which really is better value for money. We offer full tyre checks and if required, we can replace them with new tyres that are road safe.

If your tyres need replacing please do give us a call!


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