Flatbed Trailers

As the name suggests a flatbed trailer is just that, an entirely flat, level bodied trailer without a roof, often available with an option of drop-sides to retain the load. The flatbed is the ideal option for those carrying heavier loads due to the nature of the easily accessible sides, allowing for the swift loading of materials and goods on and off the trailer. Flatbeds are often the desired choice for those carrying materials and equipment due to the bulky and abnormal shapes of these items and the lack of protection from the elements. With external tying points as standard, these trailers allow items to be safely and securely fastened down to ensure a stable load during transit. Flatbeds are commonly available in twin or tri axle models, depending on the customer’s requirements. Flatbeds are one of the most versatile trailers in the Nugent range, this makes them a very popular choice for a wide variety of professionals.

Here at Cheshire Trailers we have the full Nugent Flatbed range available to our customers. With the option to custom build, we can offer a multitude of extras (both standard and optional) to create your own bespoke flatbed trailer. If you find yourself in a position where you require a trailer more urgently, we often have stock available on the shop floor with instant availability, while stocks last.

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