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The Horsebox allows the owner the freedom to travel near and far with their horse/s, knowing they can jump on board and go, without the worry or maintenance of a towing vehicle. Having horse transport allows the owner that independence to travel to competitions, shows, clubs and other events alike. The options are endless when shopping for the perfect horse transport, with the modern technology, state of the art features and even built-in accommodation now widely available to all horse owners, you really can create your own bespoke built box specific to your exact requirements.

2022 saw Cheshire Trailers taking the additional title of Equi-Trek Cheshire, the only Equi-Trek dealership in Cheshire. Equi-Trek are the largest producer of horseboxes and trailers in the UK and the only British company to manufacture a complete range of horse transport from lightweight, towable trailers up to 26 tonne motorised horseboxes for over 10 horses.

The Equi-Trek original trailer product range has evolved to also encompass a full range of motorised horseboxes; from the 3.5 tonne two horse ‘Sonic’ which is driveable on a standard car licence – up to the 26 tonne Enterprise Elite for up to 12 horses.

Equi-Trek horseboxes are unique in only ever using brand new vehicle chassis which therefore not only come with generous and comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties and the most energy efficient and economical engines available. They are also proven to be of far safer and stronger construction than a second-hand cut-down old van, and are far more reliable and dependable compared to a second hand truck with high mileage. All Equi-Trek’s products are built in ISO9001 accredited factories, are VCA registered and carry full DEFRA approval.

Here at Equi-Trek Cheshire have the entire Equi-Trek range available to our customers, click here to find out more about the Equi-Trek brand and products available.

If you would like further details or you have a question about this range then please contact us.

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